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Personalized embroidery

At the Pilot & Crew Store you can also have your clothing embroidered with a logo or your own text. Not only on new items you buy from our webshop, but we can also help you with clothes you already have.
An important advantage of personalizing your clothing with embroidery is the professional look it creates, or simply because you want something a little bit beyond the standard!

Embroidery also lasts a long time, so it is ideal for clothing that is frequently worn.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sustainable
  • Colourfast
  • Wear resistant
  • Wash resistant
  • Professional appearance



We use a polyester thread for embroidery. Polyester threads are often preferred for embroidery, especially when high color fastness and chlorine resistance are required.

In the textile industry, polyester is considered one of the best-known synthetic fibers, often used for the production of yarns and fabrics. It is preferred for its resistance to sunlight, friction and various chemicals. It is also hardwearing, easy to clean and very cost effective.

Polyester yarns are particularly suitable for colorful fabrics, outdoor items, sportswear, swimwear, children's clothing, workwear and other items that require frequent cleaning, are susceptible to stains or are exposed to damp environments or extreme weather conditions.

The Polyneon yarn we use has improved gloss, suppleness, resistance and high reliability.


Embroidery of Logos

Before clothing can be embroidered with an image or logo, an embroidery card is needed. The embroidery machine can be controlled with an embroidery card. Controlling this embroidery machine is completely digital. The embroidery card is an embroidery file, which describes how the embroidery machine should make the logo or image. So, at what location does the needle pierce the fabric, with what color thread and with what type of stitch is described in the embroidery card.


The cost of an embroidery card is a one-time investment. We save the file so when you place additional orders in the future, these costs will no longer be billed to you.


Embroidery Text 

No embroidery card is needed for embroidering text. We can format the text in various styles. Without the need for an embroidery card. If you want to have a logo in addition to the text, an embroidery card is required.