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CC55 Specialized Knitwear


C.C.FIFTY-FIVE (CC55) has manufactured knitwear since 1955 and offers Europe's largest selection of stocked knitwear for corporate wear, as well as a professional and efficient set-up for the development and delivery of customized knitwear.

CC55 corporate wear uses the unique qualities of wool and combines the wool with the great durability and machine washability of synthetic fibres. The result is perfect for work use – and the good qualities of wool are maintained:

  1. Wool is insulating and maintains a comfortable temperature
  2. Wool is dimensionally stable and therefore maintains the same fit
  3. Wool maintains its warm colour and beautiful shine
  4. Wool is dirt-repelling and naturally self-cleaning

It is one thing to create perfect knitwear the first time, but quite another to achieve the same great results in the same product year after year. 

Product 1 to 30 (of 38 products) Result:12NextShow all
Product 1 to 30 (of 38 products) Result:12NextShow all